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#2 - Tong-Nou Theme - Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls Of Tong Nou (Mac) (1994)

If you’re looking for a madcap visionary you’d do no better than Osamu Sato, the guy responsible for the OST behind LSD: Dream Emulator and this game, as well as his own full-length albums. I had the pleasure of trying out this game, a point and click adventure that takes place inside that giant floating head, and was immediately captivated by the music. It’s a major selling point.

The piece itself is actually a bonus track of sorts- it was on Sato’s album Transmigration along with two other tracks. Nonetheless it is presented to us as the main theme, and it really does capture whats going on with the game. It starts out pretty dissonant and weird, then transitions into a thumping dance beat- a trademark move of Sato’s. Never a dull moment with his stuff. Then it ends just as unsettling as it began. You can check out his work on LSD to see this in action as well (it’s public domain so it’s free). I recommend the track Fried Banana.

Slightly unrelated, but that face is the one I make when presented with eggplant- fuck that noise.